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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


An Overview




In English, we develop a wide range of skills covering a variety of writing styles from: biographies, description, persuasive, factual, balanced writing and poetry. The first text we study is ‘Trash’ by Andy Mulligan. Based on a dumpsite, in Brazil, it follows the lives of three young boys who find something that will change their lives and a nation! It is a gripping story that we will guide and support the children through and will allow us to explore poverty, wealth, corruption, morals, justice, choices, love and friendship. Following this, we introduce the children to Shakespeare’s classic horror story, Macbeth, where we will look closely at the time of the Tudors. The next inspiring text we read is ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman. With a strong emphasis on science and modern technology, this story will encourage the children in their questioning of what they believe is ethically right. It is a truly heart-warming story of braveness in the face of adversity. During the summer term, we then focus on traditional tales and the history of them. We explore the possibilities of different endings to our well- loved tales and discover things we never knew about some of the most famous characters! Each week there is a big grammar focus ensuring the children are familiar with, and can identify, the terminology expected of them. Often things have very fancy names but are usually quite straightforward!




Each week, in Mathematics, there is a heavy number focus, with emphasis on times tables and methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These skills will be constantly applied to multi-step worded problems and reasoning. There will be continual revision of everything taught over the children’s time in Key Stage 2 as well as lots of engaging problem-solving activities.




In Science, the children explore Classification; Biology with a focus on the circulatory system; Evolution & Adaptation; Light & Shadows and Electricity. The children are encouraged to explore and question the world around them and to plan, investigate and evaluate their findings.




Through our study of South America, we name & locate countries and cities and look closely at their traditions and customs. Our geographical learning also covers latitudes and longitudes, the equator, the hemispheres, the tropics, the polar circles & time zones. We research biomes, vegetation belts and land use. The children also learn the skill of reading 4- and 6-figure grid references on OS maps.




Through our Shakespeare topic, the children have the opportunity to explore British history during the time of the Tudors. In addition to this, through our Science topic, Electricity, we also explore the work of Thomas Edison during the Victorian period.


Art and Design


The children love to be imaginative in year 6! We kick start our year with a project made entirely out of trash! The children are so inventive and creative. We explore the use of colour in our sugar skill mask making and we produce our own year 6 magazine that we sell at the frost fayre. We study artists from South America and produce our own work in their style. With the help of some of our fantastic parents, the children also enjoy Thursday afternoon baking, where they learn to make various goodies such as: pizzas, scones, cookies and even their very own Christmas cakes!




In RE, we will focus on the topics: Loving, Vocations, Advent, Sources, Unity, Death and New Life, Pentecost, Reconciliation and The Universal Church. We also explore Judaism as part of our world faith study. During these topics, the children will have opportunities to understand the scriptures in depth, which will encourage a deeper knowledge of our Catholic faith and other religions.




In Computing, the children are able to use a variety of programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. There is also a big emphasis on coding using programs like code-it and Scratch. I-pads and notebooks are always available as research aids and to use the increasing amount of apps to aid learning.




The children are given many sporting opportunities in Year 6. They develop their skills in football, hockey, cricket, gymnastics and dance. They also really enjoy our yoga and mindfulness sessions. There are lots of after school sporting activities, bikeability levels 1 and 2 and an exciting trip in the spring term to Trent Bridge!




Homework is given out on Fridays and collected on the following Friday. The children are given a homework book that they can keep a record of spellings, homework and notes in. There will be a mixture of spelling, maths, comprehension, projects and topic.




We really look forward to two residentials in year 6. The first, in the autumn term, is to the Briars, where we reflect on the values of our faith and explore the Derbyshire countryside, as well as having lots of fun! We then visit the very exciting destination of PGL in the summer term. Here, the children challenge themselves, encourage and support each other, and have a lot of fun camping!


Forest Schools


In the summer term we look forward to spending some time in the great outdoors as part of our Forest Schools curriculum. This centres around the whole child and develops their emotional intelligence, independence and resilience. Forest schools provide stimulating and engaging opportunities for children to develop a holistic and self-sufficient way of learning.