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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


An Overview

English is taught through a holistic approach of Reading, Writing, Phonics and Speaking & Listening. We focus on a different book each half term and we use this as a stimulus for all our English learning. In Autumn we look at “Bog Baby” by Jeanne Willis and “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers. In Spring we look at “Dogger” by Shirley Hughes and “Beegu” by Alexis Deacon. In the Summer Term we look at “The Rabbit Problem” by Emily Gravett and “The Naughty Bus” by Jan Oke. We complete weekly guided reading sessions with every child. We do not follow one scheme, but rather dip in and out of a range of high quality texts to encourage enjoyment and love of reading. Some may link to the phonetic learning for reading where as others may focus on the comprehension of the text. We use our wider text as a hook to engage and inspire children in their writing. We focus on the basic structure of simple sentences including; capital letters, full stops, the use of conjunctions to join sentences, adjectives, verbs and nouns. We explore the use of exclamation marks and question marks. The children will use a range of genres to achieve this such as a story, instructions, fact files and descriptions.  During the first term we consolidate all of the Phase 3 and Phase 4 phonemes (sounds). Following on in the Spring term the children explore the Phase 5 phonemes and alternative graphemes for the sounds previously learnt. E.g. ee in Phase 3 and ea, e-e, y, ey in Phase 5. In June, all children will complete the National Phonics Screening with their class teacher.


We have a very practical approach to maths in Year 1. Our daily maths lessons involve choosing and using a range of equipment to support and develop their mathematical knowledge and understanding. For further details of coverage over the year please take a look at our yearly overview grid.


In Science we cover three Science Topics during the year. In Autumn we look at Animals and the Human Body. In Spring we focus on Materials. In Summer we cover the Classification of Plants. Linked to this topic, we take the children to Attenborough Nature Reserve to explore and investigate plants and pond animals. We work with outside providers to enhance the children’s scientific exploration by carrying out additional experiments.


In History our topics include; The Goose Fair, Changes to Living Memory (Victorian Christmas and Neil Armstrong) and Comparing Old and New Toys.


In Geography our topics for the year include; Seasonal Places including Hot and Cold Places, Countries of the UK and Identifying weather patterns.


As part of our Art curriculum we cover a range of skills through 6 Main medias. These are; Colour, Form, Pattern, Printing, Drawing and Texture.


Our music learning often takes on a wider curriculum approach. The children are given the opportunity to become confident musicians through performances throughout the year. In addition they will take part in a Music Workshop in the Summer Term. They sing a range of Musical Genres within their Christmas Performance, Masses and Class Assemblies.


During the Summer Term the children will take part in ‘Forest School’. The Forest School approach to learning centres around the whole child and develops their emotional intelligence, independence and resilience. Forest schools provide stimulating and engaging opportunities for the children to develop a holistic and self-sufficient way of learning. They allow children to regularly work in an outside environment and explore not only the environment around them but their own relationships.


Additional Information


Homework is given out on a Tuesday and we ask that this is returned the following Monday.


Outdoor PE is on a Tuesday with Mr Otton. This session is normally outdoors so we encourage ALL children to wear their outdoor kit.


French is on a Tuesday with Madame Wilks.


Dance is on a Thursday. The children will wear their indoor kit for this session.


Children are allocated a reading day and we ask for the reading books and reading diaries to be returned on this day.