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St Edmund Campion

Catholic Voluntary Academy

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Head Teacher: Mrs A Blake
Senior Leadership Team 2 Deputy Head: Mrs B Woolley
Senior Leadership Team 3 Leader of Learning: Mr S Tuckwell
Senior Leadership Team 4 Assistant Head: Mrs A Killingworth

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 FV: Mrs E Vyse
Teaching Staff 2 FM: Miss H Mackay
Teaching Staff 3 1W: Miss F Walsh
Teaching Staff 4 1M: Mrs Z Walker
Teaching Staff 5 1M: Mrs C Mannering
Teaching Staff 6 2C: Miss M Crawford
Teaching Staff 7 2K: Miss M Keane
Teaching Staff 8 3B: Mr C Brown
Teaching Staff 9 3H: Mrs H Hyland-Taylor
Teaching Staff 10 4D: Miss C Dawson
Teaching Staff 11 4L: Mrs R Lavarini
Teaching Staff 12 5A: Mr M Astle
Teaching Staff 13 5J: Mr G Jukes
Teaching Staff 14 6T: Mr S Tuckwell
Teaching Staff 15 6T: Mrs C Livesey
Teaching Staff 16 6S: Mrs A Scott-Nelson
Teaching Staff 17 MFL: Mrs D Wilks
Teaching Staff 18 Mrs S Bilbie
Teaching Staff 19 Mrs J Edwards

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Lead Teaching Assistant: Mrs R Day
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs A Marshall
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss K Turner
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs A Pezzolo
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs L Hickman
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs T Doran
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs L Guttridge
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs M Parker
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs Y Allsop
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss Y Braithwaite
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs S Nicholson
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs H Coffey

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Executive Assistant: Mr T Smith
Support Staff 2 Office: Mrs R Sansone
Support Staff 3 Office: Mrs K Dearnley
Support Staff 4 Office: Mrs S Whitelocks
Support Staff 5 Site Manager: Mr I Bartle


Kitchen 1 Head Cook: Mrs T Hoyle
Kitchen 2 Mrs A Mestiyage
Kitchen 3 Mrs B Mata
Kitchen 4 Miss J Terry