Year 4

An Overview

The Year 4 curriculum centres around the following high quality texts; The Pied Piper’, ‘The Promise’, ‘I was there…Tutankhamun’s tomb’, ‘The Nile’, ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ and ‘Roman Diary’.  Please see the Year 4 Non-negotiables for individual objectives covered.

In Maths we follow the White Rose objectives for the year but use a variety of different schemes to prepare and plan activities. During each maths lesson, basic skills are applied to reasoning and problem solving. Year 4 are expected to rapidly recall all times tables up to 12 x 12. From 2019/2020 Year 4 pupils will be formally tested through an online Multiplication Table Check.

Our Science topics include; sound, living things and their habitats, electricity, the water cycle, changes of state and the digestive system and teeth.

Within computing, children will design and write programs to achieve specific goals, including solving problems and using the internet safely and appropriately. Activities to support this will be plugged (using technology) and unplugged (without technology).

In History, Year 4 will study the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans. This will include using a variety of difference sources to research and then record their findings. In Geography, Year 4 learn about rivers, locating the world’s countries, with particular focus on Europe & the Americas and their key physical and human features.  They also study a region of the UK that is non-local.

In Art/ Design &Technology the children will study different textures and materials, and complete sketchings based upon current topics. They will also develop products which are fit for purpose; for example recycling T-shirts to make bags.

The children will complete a 15-week, whole class music programme with teachers from The Becket School. Children are provided with an instrument during this time and play as an orchestra. They also take part in regular hymn practices and complete two performances in the year incorporating music and dance.

PE is delivered once a week by Premier Sports. They take part in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities including; gymnastics, athletics and ball and racket sports. They also take part in dance sessions delivered by ‘Rattle and Roll for 6 weeks, every term.


The River Nile

4E began their research on the River Nile. We used Isabella Wallace's differentiator and the IPads to answer the questions and find the facts.
Splendid Switches

4E used their work from last week to rebuild a simple circuit. After that, we learnt about switches and how they break the circuit to stop lights being on all the time and the doorbell from constantly
Le cafe en Francais

In French, on Tuesday, 4E practised their vocabulary of food and drinks by having their very own French cafe. They ordered what they wanted, paid their bill and remembered the tip!

4E used the cuisennaire rods to support work on fractions. We secured our understanding that fractions must have equal parts and found a wide range of equivalence.
Will it work?
4E had a great afternoon investigating a range of circuits. During our electricity topic, we have learnt about how the mains work with Mr Bartle, identified a range of household items that use electricity,
Year 4 Mass

A lovely mass this morning for Year 4 on the feast day of the conversion of St Paul. Outstanding singing and an extremely important message, 'In a word, never let go of these three things: faith, hope
Making papyrus paper

Today, Year 4 ventured back in Ancient Egypt to make papyrus paper. It was very messy and very fun! They soaked strips of paper into a mixture of flour and tea, then wiped off the excess before