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Greek Day!

Better late than never!

Year 3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Greek Day on Thursday 5th June.

The morning was based in the classroom as the Spartan Army had to be able to read and write as well as fight.

In the afternoon, we went to the field for training in different events and battle formations. 

By the end of the day, the children were shattered but also excited that they had passed the training camp. They were now Greek soldiers!

New Walk Museum

Becoming History Detectives at the New Walk Museum was a fantastic way to spend a school day! Here’s what we got up to;

‘When we arrived at the Museum, we went to a Egyptian gallery with a women called Jeannie. We sat on the floor and Jeannie showed us different objects from ancient Egypt. There was some hard, gritty bread if you ate regularly your teeth would be ground down. Also we saw animal dung, which OC identified. They would use this to fuel the fire as there aren’t many trees in the desert. After that, we saw some wheat that farmers grew and after they would have made this into bread. Then Jeannie said we could have a look around. I saw a child’s tooth and a mum’s tooth. The mum’s tooth was a lot smaller than the child’s because the mum had eaten more bread. 

Next we sat in two circles and looked at different artifacts. Some bowls had a pointy bottom to the Egyptians could screw them into the sand to prevent them from falling over. In these, they would have stored water and wet things. 

Shortly afterwards, we went to dress up in Egyptian clothe. Some were lovely, rich clothes made of thin linen but others were plain, rough clothes made from thick linen. After that, we went to make a mummy. Above the body, was a poster with instructions. We took out the liver, stomach, intestines and lungs. Next we put them in the canopic jars. After the mummification activity, we made clay amulets. We got a mould and pushed the clay into it. A few minutes later, we went to do the bow drill and put holes in the woods. It was a lot hard then it looked. After that, we had lunch in the large council hall.

here were loads of animals such as, birds, underwater creatures and polar bears. There were dark tunnels and little transparent domes. Next we went to the dinosaurs. There was a huge skeleton of a dinosaur however, some of it was made of clay. Also there were lovely rocks that I was fascinated by. 

Before we got on the coach, we had some time playing outside and we all collected loads of conkers!’ 

Once lunch was over, we went to the space exhibition to look around. T


An Inspirational Visitor – Richard Whitehead

In preparation for the Robin Hood Marathon, Richard Whitehead came into our school to talk to us about his sporting career and help us train for Sunday’s run.

Richard Whitehead is a Paralympic gold medalist. His greatest gift from God was to run. He has taken part and won in the London 2012 Paralympic 200m run and many marathons. He visits schools to coach others and inspire children to aim high. He tells people to never give up and that you are never too young (or old) to try your best! I have shown resilience when I was trying to do cartwheels. The first time I tried, I fell but I didn’t give up and now I am amazing at them. Also when I was practicing to read. I couldn’t and didn’t give up but now I can read.’ 

It was very exciting having Notts TV in school! 4E would like to say a big thank you to Mr Fiddes for organising the event with his team and for giving us this opportunity!

Boot Camp Liturgy!?

Our creative liturgy leaders lead our collective worship in the allotment. It was a beautiful day in the sun and we thoroughly enjoyed gathering together to reflect upon ‘New Life’. They led us in our Boot Camp exercises to jump in joy for the Lord’s love, press-ups (to lift the weight of sin from our shoulders) and burpees (to show the ups and downs we take along our spiritual roads). There was a smile on every face!


Remember – by changing our attitude, we can have a New Life without worries.

Hakuna Matata

Movie Stars in the Making!

Year 4 have been using the green screen app to create short movies based on Acts 8: 26-30, 34 – 38.


Philip was a follower of Jesus. One day he went walking on the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza. A chariot passed him. In it was an officer of the court of the Queen of Ethiopia. This man was reading one of the books of the Bible: the book of the prophet Isaiah. God’s spirit spoke to Philip, saying, “Go to meet that chariot.” When he reached the chariot, Philip heard the Ethiopian reading the words of Isaiah: “Do you understand what you are reading?” asked Philip. “How can I understand unless I have someone to help me?” he replied. He asked Philip to help him. “Come up here beside me,” he said. Philip did as he asked. The Ethiopian said, “Who is this prophet talking about here?” Philip explained that the passage was about Jesus and went on to tell him more of the Good News of Jesus. A little further on they saw some water and the Ethiopian asked, “Is there anything to stop me being baptised?” He stopped the chariot. Philip went down with him into the water and baptised him, there and then. The Ethiopian continued his journey rejoicing. Philip went on telling the Good News everywhere he went.


Great directing, acting and editing by our pupils. Next stop Hollywood!

Year 4 Mass: Holy Spirit

Today year 4 celebrated a very prayerful and reflective mass about the Holy Spirit. They spoke and sang beautifully, even creating their own Lord have mercy. A huge well done to all the children, and a special thank you to Tom for supporting us with the planning and the music, and to Father John for celebrating with us.



This week we have kicked off our new topic, ‘I’m a year four… get me out of here’ by competing in our very own St Edmund Campion Bushtucker Trial!

The children had to participate in an obstacle course, blindfolded eating challenge, feely bag challenge and basket challenge to win stars for their ‘lunch’. These stars then magically turned into house points.

All the children participated enthusiastically and fun was had by all!

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Welcome the Stranger

A superbly organised day, for the Year of Mercy. After being addressed by Bishop Patrick, the 7 corporal acts of mercy were reflected across the school to deepen the children’s understanding. Each group consisted of 4 children from each class, who would take part in an activity to reflect each act.

The act in year 6 was to, ‘Welcome the Stranger’ and what better way than for a bit of ‘speed dating!’ (Cilla would have been proud) The older children sat opposite the younger children and had 30 seconds (complete with countdown clock) to tell the ‘stranger’ before them a little bit about themselves before the roles were reversed. After the timer had stopped a new stranger was found and the process repeated. It was incredible to watch the unity between the children and the care and support for one another, young and old, girls and boys.

After welcoming the stranger, the children reflected upon times they have shown mercy, people who show them mercy and ways we can show mercy.

A wonderfully powerful activity and very proud to be part of it.

Year 6 team.