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Stone Age Day

Furs, clubs and bones were the apparel du jour at year 3's stone age day. Hunting techniques were learnt by all and their success was immortalized in cave paintings. Monuments were then built from local resources to celebrate the success.  

Welcome the Stranger

A superbly organised day, for the Year of Mercy. After being addressed by Bishop Patrick, the 7 corporal acts of mercy were reflected across the school to deepen the children's understanding. Each group consisted of 4 children from each class, who would take part in an activity to reflect each act. The act in

KS2 Cross Country Stars

Last Wednesday, 40 brave children from KS2 braved the elements for the annual Rushcliffe Relay Challenge, at Rushcliffe Country Park. It involved a girl and a boy from year group in the juniors (Y3-6) and running for about 8-10 minutes each - a good test! As always, 'Why take one team,