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Directions in Year 2

Today, 2C used the beebots to follow instructions and find out where they led. We used a range of mats and programmed the beebots showing that we can read directions.

We then used an app on the IPads called A.L.E.X. We had to write a set of directions for the robot to follow and get him from A to B.

A very enjoyable math lesson!

Headphones? In Science?

On Friday, 2C used the Now Press Play headphones to learn more about their Humans topic in Science. We had to travel to space and rescue our Aunt Holly, who had been kidnapped by the rock monsters. We learned more about how hygiene and exercise are good for us.  Then, we helped distract the rock monsters by sorting our food into groups and knowing what we should eat most of. Finally, we rescued Aunt Holly after she nearly ran out of air. What a lovely way to end our week!

Exercise Investigation

2C used their understanding of how exercise affects the body to create their own investigation. Some groups wanted to know how completing so many laps would change their heart rate, some children wanted to know how many laps they could run in different lengths of time. They worked a team to come up with their question and their variables, and then to carry out the investigation. Well done scientists!

Safer Internet Day

2C heard a story about Puff, Ness and Fizz. They put their work onto the internet but someone said something unkind. It hurt their feelings but they knew who to talk too.

After we talked about being safe, we had to sort pictures. We discussed whether the images were safe or not. Some were of beaches and dogs, but others were of phones and tablets and ways to get on the internet.

Finally, we sat together in a compliment circle. We thought carefully about how it is important to say kind things. We turned to the person on our left, then right, and paid them a compliment.


Nottingham Night Light

Key Stage One had a lovely afternoon visit from teachers at the Nottingham Girls High School. We learnt about coordinates with Robin Hood and then created designs for our cans. These are then being taking back to the High school where the children there will use special tools to bore holes into the tin cans we collected and following our patterns. Each can will then be filled with a candle and released on Light Night on Friday 23rd February.

Re-enacting the Sacrament of Baptism

2C used their @Isabella Wallace differentiator work on the Sacrament of Baptism to re-enact what happens. We made a list of the props we would need and quickly recalled the order of what happens; including welcoming the family, reading from the Holy Gospel, baptism with water and oil and the receiving of the white garment and the Baptismal candle.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing our parts and doing some acting!