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And relax…

Beginning our morning with Yoga. We acted as a superhero to help Spider-Man to beat the dinosaur and save the teddy bears' party. What an adventure! We also practised our yoga moves: the whale, the dog, the house and the boat.


After a quick trip to the field, 2C enjoyed some zumba! We waved our arms in time- some of us, moved our legs and shook our bottoms to the music. A fantastic effort shown by all the children!

Smoothie bike

2C had a fantastic time with Aspens and the smoothie bike. They learnt about some fruits and then made weird and wonderful concoctions for the smoothies. We needed some strong legs to then ride the bike and blend the fruit into smoothies.

World Cup Raps

2C incorporated their Music curriculum with Health Week and the World Cup by listening to some examples of World Cup songs and then writing their own rap; just like John Barnes in the 'World In Motion' song for the 1990 World Cup. They wrote their rap songs, thinking carefully about

Using maps with Now Press Play

2C enjoyed using the NowPressPlay headphones to follow the story and rescue their sister from the dragon. They had to use three different maps, follow compass directions to find a way to the dragon's lair and draw their own to enlist help. They were all successful, phew!