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Key Stage 1 Liturgy

Last Friday, Key Stage One led a beautiful liturgy to celebrate the love shown by Mary. We remembered who she is to us, how she protects us and how our mothers do the same. Excellent reading and lovely singing. Thank you to Father John and all the parents who joined

Nottingham Night Light

Key Stage One had a lovely afternoon visit from teachers at the Nottingham Girls High School. We learnt about coordinates with Robin Hood and then created designs for our cans. These are then being taking back to the High school where the children there will use special tools to bore


Our Year 1's recently had a go at simple coding, working with beebots. They used ipads and the beebots themselves, giving simple instructions for the machines to follow

Light Night lanterns in Key Stage One

Year One and Two have had a fantastic afternoon designing and making lanterns for the Light Night celebration. We were visited by a teacher from the Nottingham Girls High school, who showed us how to make the lanterns that will be released on the Arboretum Park pond on Friday 10th