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Re-enacting the Sacrament of Baptism

2C used their @Isabella Wallace differentiator work on the Sacrament of Baptism to re-enact what happens. We made a list of the props we would need and quickly recalled the order of what happens; including welcoming the family, reading from the Holy Gospel, baptism with water and oil and the

Magical Biology

A group of students had a magical trip to Hogwarts (Nottingham Branch) in order to study under their wise and wonderful tutelage. *No rabbits were harmed, or pulled from hats, during this trip

Remembering Mary

Thank you to our liturgy group who delivered a lovely liturgy to celebrate Mary. We talked about how she knew her son, Jesus, was special and thought about what our mums do so that we know we are special to them.

Getting ready for next week…

2C used the Isabella Wallace strategy- The Differentiator, to learn all about Tim Peake before our visit to the Space Centre next week! We have definitely decided that we would like to be astronauts!

New Walk Museum

Becoming History Detectives at the New Walk Museum was a fantastic way to spend a school day! Here's what we got up to; 'When we arrived at the Museum, we went to a Egyptian gallery with a women called Jeannie. We sat on the floor and Jeannie showed us different objects

An alien’s day

This morning, 2C used their book, 'The man on the moon' to decide what a day in the alien's life would like. They worked together as a group, to make models of the different parts of a very short story.

What does a plant need to grow?

Year 2 have been learning about plants and how they grow. Last week, we set up an investigation to find out what they need in order to germinate and grow into a new plant. We used cress seeds, cotton wool and petri dishes. Then, we used four different conditions: light/water,