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Key Stage 1 Liturgy

Last Friday, Key Stage One led a beautiful liturgy to celebrate the love shown by Mary. We remembered who she is to us, how she protects us and how our mothers do the same. Excellent reading and lovely singing. Thank you to Father John and all the parents who joined

Headphones? In Science?

On Friday, 2C used the Now Press Play headphones to learn more about their Humans topic in Science. We had to travel to space and rescue our Aunt Holly, who had been kidnapped by the rock monsters. We learned more about how hygiene and exercise are good for us.  Then,

5C read to 2C

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, classes have joined together and enjoyed some time reading with a buddy. There was a fantastic buzz this morning as the children from 2C and 5C got together to share a book.

Exercise Investigation

2C used their understanding of how exercise affects the body to create their own investigation. Some groups wanted to know how completing so many laps would change their heart rate, some children wanted to know how many laps they could run in different lengths of time. They worked a team

Safer Internet Day

2C heard a story about Puff, Ness and Fizz. They put their work onto the internet but someone said something unkind. It hurt their feelings but they knew who to talk too. After we talked about being safe, we had to sort pictures. We discussed whether the images were safe or not.

Nottingham Night Light

Key Stage One had a lovely afternoon visit from teachers at the Nottingham Girls High School. We learnt about coordinates with Robin Hood and then created designs for our cans. These are then being taking back to the High school where the children there will use special tools to bore