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An Inspirational Visitor – Richard Whitehead

In preparation for the Robin Hood Marathon, Richard Whitehead came into our school to talk to us about his sporting career and help us train for Sunday’s run.

Richard Whitehead is a Paralympic gold medalist. His greatest gift from God was to run. He has taken part and won in the London 2012 Paralympic 200m run and many marathons. He visits schools to coach others and inspire children to aim high. He tells people to never give up and that you are never too young (or old) to try your best! I have shown resilience when I was trying to do cartwheels. The first time I tried, I fell but I didn’t give up and now I am amazing at them. Also when I was practicing to read. I couldn’t and didn’t give up but now I can read.’ 

It was very exciting having Notts TV in school! 4E would like to say a big thank you to Mr Fiddes for organising the event with his team and for giving us this opportunity!