Yesterday, Year 2 had an absolutely fantastic day at Conkers! We took our classroom learning, about minibeasts and their habitats, out into the world and put it into practise. We compared our local area (the allotment) to a larger habitat there. Each group used a sheet to tick off the minibeasts that they found in the woods, under logs, in the trees and under mats. We even saw a minibeast hotel!

After all of our searching, we were able to visit the 4D cinema! We put on our 3D glasses and jumped into the ‘Little Ant Adventure’. We skated across tree branches, ran away from frogs and crows and then flew through the sky. We even felt the wind in our hair, got splashed by the stream and drenched in frog saliva!

In the Discovery centre, were many different interactive displays. We furthered our learning on habitats and food chains and spotted some giant creatures. We saw examples of birds’ nests and eggs, matched animals with their skulls and their droppings and tried to work out which leaf matched which tree.

Overall, we had a lovely day and the children’s behaviour was fantastic! A special thank you to those parents who were able to join us and lead groups- we couldn’t do these things without you!

The Year Two team

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