Movie Stars in the Making!

Year 4 have been using the green screen app to create short movies based on Acts 8: 26-30, 34 – 38.


Philip was a follower of Jesus. One day he went walking on the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza. A chariot passed him. In it was an officer of the court of the Queen of Ethiopia. This man was reading one of the books of the Bible: the book of the prophet Isaiah. God’s spirit spoke to Philip, saying, “Go to meet that chariot.” When he reached the chariot, Philip heard the Ethiopian reading the words of Isaiah: “Do you understand what you are reading?” asked Philip. “How can I understand unless I have someone to help me?” he replied. He asked Philip to help him. “Come up here beside me,” he said. Philip did as he asked. The Ethiopian said, “Who is this prophet talking about here?” Philip explained that the passage was about Jesus and went on to tell him more of the Good News of Jesus. A little further on they saw some water and the Ethiopian asked, “Is there anything to stop me being baptised?” He stopped the chariot. Philip went down with him into the water and baptised him, there and then. The Ethiopian continued his journey rejoicing. Philip went on telling the Good News everywhere he went.


Great directing, acting and editing by our pupils. Next stop Hollywood!

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